Your Daycare Business Plan Checklist

by admin on January 23, 2009

If you love kids and have done some babysitting before you may want to open your own daycare business. Having your own daycare can be both rewarding and at the same time profitable. There are just a few things you will want to know before you get started.

It takes more than just watching the children and reading some books to handle a daycare. You will actively be taking care of two or more kids at the same time. It will involve feeding them and taking care of their every need. You would need to provide them with activities so they don’t get bored and start throwing tantrums. It would be advisable to get as much information first regarding how a daycare works before actually starting your own.

These are the Things You Should Prepare For:

Here are a few steps you would need to do once you have decided to open your own daycare center.

1. Location. You would need to find the proper location for your daycare. You can choose to open you daycare in your own home or in a commercial building. Choose the one where people can access you the most and where you will be comfortable working in.

2. Be aware of the laws and policies regarding daycare. Every place will have specific guidelines regarding child care. Be sure you are complying with these guidelines; you may need to get certified along with your possible employees regarding CPR and first aid which is very important. You must also follow all building codes and safety codes set by the local government to prevent any untoward accidents. Have your place inspected regularly so you are sure that you are up to par with the laws.

3. Know what services is offered by your daycare. Take some courses on child care development and other child development seminars so you would be able to handle the children properly and help facilitate their growth. Children have different learning needs and knowing different learning styles will add to the benefits your daycare can offer and at the same time maximize the learning of the kids under your care.

4. Get the necessary license and permits together with the insurance in order. You would need to contact your local government and see what license and permits you will need to operate your daycare business. They will be able to provide you with information on what you need to get approved for a permit and license. Be sure you have all the requirements and accomplish the forms correctly so you can get your permits as soon as possible. You would also need to get insurance to protect you and your employees. If your daycare is going to be located in your house, you need to review your home policy and see if you can extend the coverage or if you need a new set of policy. This will make sure that you are covered in case of any accidents or any liabilities.

5. Marketing and advertising. In order to get clients for your daycare you will need to let the public know your business exists. You can give out fliers or put ads on the news paper. You also have the option of putting up ads on community boards. You can use the internet as well in posting ads. Be creative in your advertisement. Inform them of what you can offer that others can’t. Think of ways that will make parents inquire about your services.

6. Know your Market. Before you even go about doing all this things make sure you have the market. It would be foolish to start a daycare when there are no kids to be taken cared of. Luckily daycare services demand is on the rise but you will still to research if you can open up another daycare in your area. Learn about your competition and what they are offering. You have to be competitive with them or you might end up closing your doors. You have to be able to provide good quality service at the same time be able to charge a reasonable price for the service.

7. Plus factor. Be unique with your daycare and have that plus factor that would entice parents to choose your daycare instead of your competitors. You might want to consider a fitness program for kids as well. Usually people think that fitness programs are for adult. Children also require some kind of fitness program to stay healthy. Research on physical activities for children that you can offer in your daycare. You can incorporate this in their schedule for the day.

These are just a few of the things you will be doing to make your daycare business prosper. There are is a lot of materials that you can use to learn about this business. Read and study as much as you can so that you have a full understanding of how the business works. Be sure that you plan out everything from start to finish. Have a working plan prepared so that you will not get lost in your preparations in opening a daycare service.

Opening your own daycare business is not cheap but need not be that expensive either. You have to find good ways of finding the materials and equipment you will be using . Include this in your plan. Find out if you will be purchasing desk and chairs or will you just be renting the equipments that you will be using. Make a good sound business plan.

In cases where finances are not that good for you, having a good business plan will be very helpful in getting a financial institution to bank roll you. If you have a good business plan and a really feasible one, there is a big chance they can provide you with a loan that you can use to create you dream into reality.

Planning is everything. If everything is well planned there is no reason for you to fail in you business venture of opening your own daycare business.

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